Don’t go by his name. Hulk is nothing scary; he’s actually more like a fly. He flits around, his attention span absolutely minimal and if he finds you intimidating, he will cower instead of attacking.

Hulk is a Doberman and a peculiarly different one from the regular. You cannot keep breed expectations from him because he doesn’t quite behave like a regular, ferocious and one-master-only dog, representative of his breed. He barks like he could take a whole house down, but that’s pretty much it. He wouldn’t exactly bare his fangs to complete strangers and would easily befriend them if the person warmed up to him.

Women find him very cute despite the fact that he’s all grown up and manly and not a puppy. And he’s also wonky and weird. He can, if you let him too loose, knock things over. He’s super excited like that. The other day, he knocked me down on one of my walks. My fault, really. I shouldn’t have plugged in my earphones with him around. And when I accosted him for being so clumsy, he looked the other way like he didn’t know what I was talking about.

He loves a massage and though he doesn’t show elaborate praise, he will stop fidgeting around you and sit in one of those dog-picture poses, gradually giving his feet away into a spa posture, with his head nestled on his feet. Classic, leisure-loving dog! I’m looking for a mate for him these days. He came to us at 20 months, so I don’t know if he had fooled around before. But he’s all of 3 years now and he must get someone to snuggle with. I want to stick to his own breed but I’m alright if he finds a desi girl. And I am so sure he’s going to be the fool in love. Well, whatever keeps him happy!